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Modern life offers us so many comforts and conveniences, but it is also saturated with toxins. The average woman applies 200 chemicals to her body everyday. From soaps to lotions, makeup to cleaning products, medications to food- we are bombarding our bodies with ingredients that we know very little about- especially when it comes to long-term effects.

That is why you are seeing so many people talking about Essential Oils. It isn't because they are new, they aren't- it's because people are rediscovering them as they try to cut back on the amount of toxins they use.

This class is designed to help you make those cuts as simply and painlessly as possible. I hope it helps you on your journey to better health. If you enjoy it, be sure to follow us at

Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams

About the instructor

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I am first and foremost a  work in progress. I am a mom, a friend, a student, a photographer, a creator, an essential oils rep, a writer, a teacher, a unicorn lover, a dog person & a cat person, a weirdo, a geek, and a totally normal chick you wouldn't look twice at on the street.

I have a terrible history of loving other people, ideas, and things more than I love myself and I am now on a mission to correct that. As I've gotten older, I've learned a few things about life. Mostly I've learned that I don't know a damn thing about life. But I've also learned that the ultimate goal, and the hardest thing to achieve, is simply, Happiness. And for me, the quickest path to Happiness is by learning and sharing knowledge.

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